Join us as a maker

Come create with us

We are a small, passionate collection of makers that have a flair for design and dedication to fine workmanship. We love to form great working relationships with like minded makers who are skilled in a variety of mediums. Just imagine our woodwork with your metal work, or our marquetry in your cabinetry… perhaps your ceramics set into timber, the options for creative and individual pieces are limitless. We love adaptive makers who are keen to commit to limited runs of design based product.

Come and go as you like, make a single project with us, or a line of 20, the choice is yours. The ability to operate in a professional manner, and have the set up to turn out stock for events in a timely manner is essential however, so drop us a line to discuss how teaming up may work for you. We meet up for social sessions where we can brainstorm and creating some amazing works, as well as have a good chat to get inspired.

Being creative types,  we are constantly adapting our design to current styles and  evolving our skills into multiple mediums. We seek out other like minded makers to team up with on design, across all disciplines including blacksmiths and glass blowers, woodworkers, artists and leather workers, potters and those with a love of textiles to create you truly individual heirloom items.

We look forward to hearing from you