A little about us

Hello and welcome! We are a team of makers skilled in multiple mediums, collaborating to create truly beautiful pieces for you to enjoy as future classics. Our works are finely crafted with both traditional and modern techniques, maintaining a trend forward edge.  We are firm believers that beauty is found in uniqueness and detail.

When purchasing a piece from Meraki Makers, you are buying art, and just a little of our soul in every item. Everything we sell has a history, we know every tree, have often grown, always milled and worked every product with our own hands and we feel this shows in the quality of product that we turn out.

What do we make limitless.

The great thing about the way we work is that we are open to evolving design, often working with clients to create bespoke pieces, in conjunction with both our ‘core’ and ‘limited run’ products.

As conscientious makers, we endeavour to follow the history of each product. We can tell you where each item originated, whether we grew it, where or why it was felled,  or where is was collected or how it came to us.  Sometimes the journey from tree to finished piece is truely wonderful to know.